NIFA 2020 Nominees


The inaugural year of the NIFA has seen 33 designer and artist nominations from the textiles and fashion design  community and we’re thrilled with the calibre of talent and innovation across each of the six award categories.

1. The Cultural Adornment and Wearable Art Award

Recognises worn items, created as fine or expressive art, used to define or express culture.

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Lisa Waup

Lillardia Allirra Briggs-Houston

Peggy Griffiths

2. The Textile Design Award

Includes designs of woven, knitted or other textile constructions, as well as dyed, printed or surface ornamented textiles.

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Lillardia Allirra Briggs-Houston

Rukaji Designs

Kieren Karritpul

Dymphna Kerinauia, Kaye Brown, Michelle Woody, Nina Lydwina Puruntatameri, Cornelia Tipuamantumirri, and Bernadette Mungatopi

Ikuntji Artists

Selina Nadjowh

3. The Community Collaboration Award

Recognition of effective and productive relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and the textile and fashion industry.

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Julie Shaw of MAARA Collective with Bula'bula Aboriginal Corporation

Hope Vale Arts and Cultural Centre With QUT

People, Culture & Country, a QLD State Schools Art Project

Babbarra Women’s Centre with Publisher Textiles

Lisa Gorman (Gorman) and Tommy May, Sonia Kurarra, Daisy Japulija, Nada Rawlins, Lisa Uhl from Mangkaja Arts

Marnin Studio Women's Resource Centre with Design Within Country

Ikuntji Artists with Magpie Goose

Kaiela Arts Artists with Spacecraft Studio

Tennant Creek Aunties for Rise-Ngurrajuta

4. The Special Recognition Award

For a group, organisation, or individual that has shown exceptional contribution to the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander textiles and fashion.

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Bede Tungutalum

Lenore Dembski for Paperbark Woman

Perina Drummond for JIRA MODELS

Grace Lillian Lee

Selina Nadjowh for Injalak Arts

5. The Environmental and Social Contribution Award

Excellence and leadership in environmental and social development understanding, and practice in relation to textiles and fashion.

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Ninti One Limited

Anindilyakwa Arts for Bush Dye

Liandra Gaykamangu for Liandra Swim

Perina Drummond for Jira Models

6. The Fashion Design Award

Recognises a commercial fashion label with a minimum of two collections of original design of clothing, jewellery or accessories.

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Murrii Quu Couture

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